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Our Story

My husband and I purchased the childhood farm that  I started at over 35 years ago. It  has been a life long dream to own my own farm, and a little extra special that it is this one! Although he was not a horse guy before, he is now a big part of the day to day operation and is very fond of  our welsh ponies. He is involved in many aspects of the training on the ground, and an important  part when we break them.  We  have two sons and two beautiful granddaughters. We started  our farm with our Saint Bernard Nitro, who we miss more than words can express. He was with us for every project and demo in the early stages.  Nitro  kept the barn in order and our ponies safe, but mostly   kept  us all entertained. If know us, you know we would not be without a saint bernard in our home for very long. In July of 2022 we welcomed  "Luka" into our family! He is a very special puppy  who we imported from Serbia. He has big shoes to fill and is already  exceeding our expectations as well as  filling the holes in our hearts. Our life is  never dull around here and we  love every minute of it!!

I have been involved in horses for over 35 years with a very diverse and fun  background. I was very fortunate to have been able to try various disciplines from starting out  as a kid in 4-H, riding saddle seat, western, hunt seat, dressage, and eventing. With a whole bunch in between!. Through out the years I have been very fortunate to ride, train, and clinic with some of the best in their fields. From West Palm Beach, up through Florida, Virginia, and right here in Ohio. From each training program, or opportunity I have had,  I have been able to take away valuable tools and knowledge.

The most important for me has been the ability to see that there is not one way, or right way (although there IS  a wrong way). There are so many ways to accomplish success in training, whether it's a green youngster, an older horse working through issues , or just day to day management of the stable. I spent many years starting young horses, but in recent years I decided to look into ponies, since I am still short and this doesn't seem to be changing! After doing research on pony breeds, everything pointed me to the welsh pony. We  bought our  first welsh, and he was everything my research promised! I was immediately full of regret after having to sell him. So now, we own several...including our  lovely stallion "Gentle Breeze Top Gun." My goal is to produce quality riding ponies with a solid work ethic  for children AND adults. The welsh pony is   SO MUCH FUN!!   


At various times  we have  one for sale or lease and   occasionally  have a spot open for outside training or breaking.  We start them all in a soft forward way with a solid dressage  base.  Whether they go on to do hunters, dressage, eventing, 4H, or  trail, we believe a solid correct foundation is never optional or accomplished quickly. Always important, and will carry the pony through his entire life.

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